Sometimes you need to hide,

the anguish, the fear, the loneliness, the vulnerability.

Sometimes you need to whisper,

into the deaf ears.

Sometimes you need to show,

the blind eyes the shades of blue.

Not everyday is a good or a bad day, some days are for you to remain confused. Some days are simply weird, where you don’t understand what is happening? why it is the way it is? who am I supposed to reach out? Some days are meant to take away the pain and pleasure of our existence. Some days are meant to be blank. Nothing stops but we do. We end up in a void, a gap or a blank space- our thoughts give up on us, people give up on us, we give up on living. Life doesn’t end but that particular day creates a void in our life.

I don’t have a reason to write this blog but the confusion and the blank space forged a stimulus to write so here it is. Some people may relate, some may not, some might find this meaningless, but perhaps the void made all the difference. As it is rightly said (this time it’s gonna be me):

” It’s better to stop and cry than to pretend and die


You and I…

I went around the hills to find you,

less that I knew, you were there all the time.

Holding me tight, pulling me close,

running from turn to turn, 

jolting away from the restrictions of mind.

I went over the peeks to view the other side,

Hoping to find the enlightenment,

less that I knew, I would find the vision in your eyes.

Looking out for beginnings and the ends,

I found you, carrying the hope and power to bring me to life.

You are the sky and I am the land,

you give me hopes to rise high and I hold you down to remain grounded.

You are the peek and I am the valley, 

you are the sun and I am the plant,

you are the day and I am the night,

you are the divine and I am nothing.


As it is rightly said, :-

“The union of opposites, in so far as they are really complementary, always results in the most perfect harmony; and the seemingly incongruous is often the most natural”- Stefan Zweig


Lustre and Greens.


I am a wanderer,

and nature is my sorcerer.

For I am her child and she my mother.

How often do we realise that we exist due to the nature around? How often do we allow the shades of green and brown to sink in? How well do we know the  womb in which we live?  How often do we caress her ? She bears the cold in the north, heat in the east, flood in the south and drought in the  west. She bears the torture of killing her own sons and daughters, she dies when her free souls get tortured and caged.

Every morning, it’s not the coffee which helps but rather the shades of greens and light which affect your mood. It is even scientifically proven that the colour green enhances one’s health. She is doing so much without asking anything in return. starting from the food to our existence is taken care by her. Eventually it will all end. Her wrath will take in all her beloved sons and all her beautiful daughters. She will kill to make them a part of her, to restart the cycle of deaths and births, to recycle humanity and to recycle her own self. As it is rightly said :

“Nature bears long with those who wrong her. She is patient under her abuse, but when the abuse has gone too far, when the time of reckoning finally comes, she is equally slow to be appeased and to turn away her wrath”- Nathaniel H. Egleston

When I Touch…

I see what I feel.

When I touch, I feel the world around.

When I touch, I see-

The curl on the petals,

The slouching stem,

The vibration in the air.

I feel the music, when I touch the keys.

When I touch, I see-

The lines on your palm,

The dull sides of that broken feather,

The dew on the leaves.

When I touch your face,

I see the angel within you,

I feel the heartbeats that synch with mine.

When I touch, I see the world  through my soul,

I see the world through the curvature of my tips.


As it is rightly said:

“A blind man who sees is better than a seeing man who is blind “- unknown.

Fault in our Pages.

I wanted to learn, you gave me facts,

I wanted to experience, you restricted me in your framework.

The sad part about the education system is that it’s rigid. There are things we all need to understand about where we are going wrong, what we need to change, what needs to be done and how will it affect our lives. There are few, I feel, needs to be monitored:

  • We are promoted on the basis of how well we mug up the content without understanding the context behind it. The existence of “why” is fading away and instead focus is upon “how”.
  • Every student is unique but unfortunately institutions have become more like robot manufacturing factory. Personality development is equally important but academic qualification is given more importance. The student’s exposure is limited which sabotages the development of his/her personality.
  • We are not given the chance to criticize and analyse any situation rather we are asked to follow the lines of predominantly existing majority.
  • We need to develop an identity of a Global citizen before considering ourselves to be a nationalist. Education institutes do not promote this idea of global citizenship.
  • The most disappointing part is the fact that teachers and professors were the victim of the same scenario. Hence they will pass on the same quality they learned from their experience.
  • The saddest part is the fact that even after learning and getting education, social disparity continues.
  • Education has become commercialised. Instead of making it a social work, people make business out of it.

Even if a student puts in his/her efforts, at times it goes unrecognised. Their hard work goes in vain. The result of their hard work is mere a grade or few marks which is highly unfair. The work gets lost in the dynamics of time. As it is righty said

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”- Benjamin Franklin

When I Look…


When I look, I see the demons and the angels within us.

When I look, I see the darkness within light,

and light hiding in the dark.

When I look, I see gloom in joy,

and joy in pain.

When I look, I see oblivion in knowledge, 

and enlightenment in the unknown.

When I look, I see disparity within similarities,

and likeness amongst the random. 


As it is rightly said :

“All wisdom ends in paradox”- Jeffrey Eugenides 

Shhh! Humanity is Sleeping.


I wish I was a bird, 

I would fly away, far away .


Who says humanity is dead? They are just sleeping, perhaps doped or medicated, but not dead. Who says they are inhumane? They are experimenting on how human body can be used in various ways. Who says they are insane? They are just toiling around to see the extremes of our patience. Who says the jurisdiction is not strict enough? They are doing a noble work by giving the experimenters the time to realise their mistakes.

I wanted to be free, but you didn’t let me.

I wanted to live, but you didn’t let me.

I wanted to treat my body as a temple and yet again you tortured it,

you wanted me to stay quiet,

you wanted to use it as an object,

you turned me into your toy.

 I opened my eyes and all I could see was my naked body covered with wounds and bruises. I could hear your demonic voices perpetuating in the room. I could feel the vibration of your steps coming closer, unfortunately I couldn’t move. Your hands touch me everywhere and eventually I felt a sharp mind numbing pain. Everything went dark. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw my body covered in blood.

I opened my eyes and all I could see was my naked body on the floor. I tried to get up but couldn’t move. My hands and legs were tied. I heard you coming towards me. You set me free with a smirk on your face. I was numb but my feet knew the path. The next thing I remember is my body on the ground, covered with blood.

As it is rightly said :

Rape is the only crime in which the victim becomes the accused”